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Raise Money-Smart Kids with the New Vircle Club Pro Plan 

Gain access to premium Vircle club features and teach your kids to build healthy money habits from young. Learn to earn, save, and manage together.

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Experience is Learning

Get chores & tasks done with rewards, teach them the value of money and encourage responsibility 



It's Child's Pay!

Set allowances and monitor purchases via real time alerts. Budget spending by time or store.



Get Saving Now

Cultivate a regular saving habit and identify needs from wants!

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Step 1 
Download & Register
Parent Account


Step 2
Add your child as a supplementary user

Step 3
Apply for Vircle Visa Prepaid Card
within child's profile

Step 4
Receive, Activate and Spend!


Let them learn how to earn and reward them for their achievements.

Teach kids about accountability and responsibility. Let them earn rewards by completing missions you assign to them.

With Vircle Pro Pro, you get instant notifications whenever and wherever your kids spend with their Vircle VISA Card! Guide your kids on a journey to spending wisely.

Teach your kids healthy money habits with instant spending alerts

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Child-safe Allowances with Parental Oversight

Set custom settings for your kids spending account. Choose when and where they can spend, so they can be guided on how to spend wisely!

The First Child-Safe Visa Prepaid Card

The Pro Plan provides every child with their first banking and payment card, built with every child's financial safety in mind, be it online , at store, in country or anywhere in the world where VISA(TM) is accepted.

First CHild Safe .png
Vircle Card Control.png

Card controls that keep your child safe anytime, every time!

  • Your child’s Vircle card is filled with awesome security features.

  • Set customizable card controls like enabling online store purchases or freeze your child’s card within the app.

  • Never worry about your child’s financial safety again.

Plans For Every Child



Cashless School Card​
Prepaid card for kids to make payments in school​
Instant Pocket Money
Give your kids allowances anytime, anywhere​
Vircle School Services (pocket money, meal orders, e-store, payments)​
One app to manage all your kids' school services​
Spending History​
A dashboard for parents to monitor your kids' spending history​



(Paid Annually)
*Includes All Basic Plan Features
VISA Prepaid Card​
A prepaid card for kids to make payments anywhere VISA is accepted​
Spend online, at-store​
Spend at VISA accepted stores worldwide​
ATM Withdrawals​
Withdraw at any VISA-supporting ATM​
Vircle savings, goal creations and auto-save​
Assign tasks and rewards for your kids​
Safer Card Controls
Set flexible card controls to keep your child safe when using Vircle's prepaid Visa Card.
Paid Monthly
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Your first 3 months are on us! Sign up for a free trial today!

Download the app now!

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