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Fees & Charges

E-wallet Top Up Fees

E-wallet top-up charges are levied by our respective banking partners;

Online Banking (FPX) : RM 1 per top-up (regardless of amount) *

Payment Cards (debit/credit)  :  RM 3 per Top Up

* We do have good news though, Online Banking Top Up Fees are waived until further notice.

Wallet Balance Refund Fees

Vircle allows any wallet user to apply to refund wallet balances when you wish to stop using your Vircle wallet. however, on refund, the wallet account will be de-activated for good. You must have a balance of more then RM 2 in your account to apply for a refund.

Refund fees: MYR 2 per refund, deductible when we bank in your balance to your bank account.

All Fees & Charges are already inclusive of any applicable taxes.

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