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A Prepaid Visa Card to Teach Kids' & Teens' Money Skills

With Vircle, kids learn real life money skills with you as a coach! Sign up for the Priority list & get a free card for all your kids

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Priority waitlist Benefits

Receive a 3 months free subscription trial if you sign on now. Get all premium features for Missions, Savings & Spending with full premium card controls.
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Spread the word and get RM100 eWallet Credit!

Sign up, like and share with your referral code and get RM100 credited in your account when you activate your child's 1st Visa Prepaid Card when we launch. See T&C's upon sign up!
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Peace of Mind for Parents, Money Smart Skills for Kids!

Vircle helps parent raise money smart kids. Kids learn to Earn, Save & Spend safely under parental guidance!
Sign up now get a free card for your kids

Give Allowance Instantly

Manage allowances for all your children from a single app and full parental oversight.

Set Spending Limits

Parents set rules, kids learn to spend within budgets. Ban categories or Merchants and turn ON or Off foreign spending.
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Sign up now get a free card for your kids
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Get Alerts when they spend

Get Alerts when they spend, change limits anytime, instantly!!!

Make Savings Fun

Kids Set Goals and start to save. We automate weekly savings & your child learns delayed gratification!
Sign up now get a free card for your kids
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Earn from Missions!

You set the missions, Kids complete them and earn Stars or Money, as simple as that!

It's Truly Child Safe


Lock Card Instantly

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Card Missing? Dont Worry! Lock instantly, ban merchants, categories & international use.

It's Pre-Paid

Kids only spend allowances you approve within their budget. No overspending, no credit, peace of mind for you!

Secure & Safe

Vircle Prepaid card is issued by VISA and regulated accordingly to the applicable central banking e-Money laws of Malaysia,
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Be the first to join “VisaForKids“ and help kids learn financial independence 

Designed for kids in collaboration with
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